Sherman WIP - Collection of April-October 2012

So yeah, I guess I update my blog.

Now I can't really do anything, turned out my GFX card had a minor problem running Next-gen games (crashing them randomly), so it's in the service workshop for a week now. But don't worry, here's a little compilation of what I have done with the sherman tank model, since I wrote the last post.

This is what you probably saw last.

Hipoly wheels finished.

Hipoly turret.

Hipoly model finished. (- tracks)

Hipoly model (kinda) rendered.

Baked lowpoly turret.

Baked lowpoly wheels.

Realtime model in Unity3D.

And the last one: texture WIP.

I hope I get my GFX card back asap, there is SO much to do on this piece :(


Sherman WIP1

So I'm making Sarge's vehicle of choise: an M4 Sherman tank.

Okay, I have to confess, I started it like a week ago. I can't have too much spare time for modelling, but it is going slowly, but surely.

Just finished the side wheels.


US tank crew

"Who stole the cookies from the cookie jar?" - asked Sarge from the rookies.



Hipoly model of a character I'm making.


WIP characters

Several low poly characters with different races.
Pants are gray because they will be customizable via shader,

Polycount: ~1030 tris
Textures: 2 × 256 px diffuse


Run Cycle Animation

Just made a lowpoly character and a run cycle animation over the weekend. Here you go.


Apoligy and Update!

Man, am I lazy these days! Sorry for me not updating this blog recently, but I didn't have anything to show recently. For some reason I had a thing called "creativity crisis", which means my recent workflows were like: got an idea > looked for reference pictures > started modelling > got bored of it > quit finishing it. Yea, it sucks hard.

But today I had a pretty hard headache for no reason, and got the next few days off. During some effort of forgetting that my head is about to blow into a million pieces, I was reading some history pages about the city I'm living next to (Szeged). (You might ask, why I was reading when I had a headache - well, I tried everything, and the subject got my attention so hard, that it worked.) I found out that the city's cathedral (pic.1) was built in the place of another church, which sadly was demolished.

Pic.1 - The Cathedral of Szeged

This church was called Dömötör-templom (Church of St. Demetrius) (pic.2 far left) which - as I said - is now gone. The only part which you can still see is the remains of the tower, which was found during the demolishion. It turned out, that this tower was actually built in the XIII. century, and it is now called as Dömötör-torony (Demetrius-tower) (pic.1 on the left) after the church.

Pic.2 - The Church of St. Demetrius and the Chapel of Rosalia

During this little historical trivia, I came to the conclusion that I probably am going to make a 3d model of the old church. It's an interesting challenge, for it being a real architectural piece, but sort of a reconstruction. 
Not only that, but I'm going to post my workflow of the process, and going to show you some tips.

Stay tuned for more!