Sherman WIP - Collection of April-October 2012

So yeah, I guess I update my blog.

Now I can't really do anything, turned out my GFX card had a minor problem running Next-gen games (crashing them randomly), so it's in the service workshop for a week now. But don't worry, here's a little compilation of what I have done with the sherman tank model, since I wrote the last post.

This is what you probably saw last.

Hipoly wheels finished.

Hipoly turret.

Hipoly model finished. (- tracks)

Hipoly model (kinda) rendered.

Baked lowpoly turret.

Baked lowpoly wheels.

Realtime model in Unity3D.

And the last one: texture WIP.

I hope I get my GFX card back asap, there is SO much to do on this piece :(

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